Meet the Mushroom Family.....Mr Mushroom Head, Mrs Mushroom Head and Baby Mushroom Head!

Simply add water to our kits and grow delicious ‘Grey, Pink or Yellow’ oyster mushrooms from the top of the pot!

What are in our pots?

Great fun for children and adults alike!  As well as being educational, you will see first hand how the fungi colonise and then grow into delicious oyster mushrooms.  This simple process develops patience, provides an introduction to growing food and finally an introduction to cooking.  It also illustrates how to upcycle ‘by products’ such as sawdust and waste paper to create something edible, environmentally friendly, educational and fun!


Are they difficult to grow?

  • Put the substrate into the pot.
  • Add boiling water and when cooled, add the mushroom spawn.
  • Place somewhere warm and dark for 2 weeks and then move it to a cooler brighter spot.
  • Spray twice a day with the atomiser provided in your kit.
  • Watch as your oyster mushrooms grow.
  • Harvest, cook and enjoy your crop!
  • Place your pot somewhere cool and dark for a couple of weeks…then try and grow another crop!

Join in!

On the reverse side of each pot is an area to design your own ‘Mushroom Head’. Designs can be uploaded to our Facebook page where you have a chance to win a prize. Your design may also become part of the future ‘Mushroom Family’!

Eco Friendly and Educational….

Eco friendly growing substrate including ‘post-consumer’ waste such as paper and sawdust.

Fully recyclable and compostable components.

Educational – great for kids and grown-ups alike. Not only do our kits have a strong eco message, it introduces children to the wonders of grow-your-own-food and different food types.

Have Fun! Have Fungi.